Any Di

Any Di Suncover "Flirty Lashes"


The new SunCover Flirty Lashes from the Signature Collection are available in simple colours but with particularly chic and modern fringes as lashes. With a glance, your flirting chances are definitely twice as high! Whether clipped to your bag or attached to your shorts, your sunglasses are always at hand when you need them. Soft padded microfibre protects the lenses from scratches, dust and champagne stains. Gold plated elements round off the SunCover and provide a noble finish.

And this is how the SunCover works: Place SunCover over the lenses and close with the button. This gives the glasses a firm hold. Fold in the frame at the back, et voilà! Thanks to the patented design, the SunCover can accommodate all common shapes and sizes of glasses.

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