Julia Skergeth

Julia Skergeth Grand Square Weaver Bag whipped creme

€190 €380

Inspired by vintage picnic baskets we got together with fabulous NYC womenswear designer Paris99 and brought this beauty to life. 

This double-faced very soft Italian calf leather bag is hand-woven in Europe and it even fits a 13-inch laptop. 

Not only does it have the comfortable wrist strap that moves around easily thanks to the logo embossed o-rings. But you also get a matching crossbody strap that can be easily attached to the basket.

This bag is our absolute cherry on top!

  • Tightly woven leather handbag

  • White double-faced Italian calf leather

  • Purple linen drawstring bag

  • Branded high quality hardware in silver

  • Handmade in Europe and US

  • Detachable and adjustable cross-body strap, Length: 104 cm/41 in

  • Height : 27.5 cm/10.8 in, Width Bottom: 25 cm/9.85 inch, Width Top: 34cm/13.4 in, Handle length: 40.5 cm/16 in 

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