Sestra is a concept store on a mission to celebrate women in their style, ambition and a general fabulousness. We offer a joyful and bold attitude that’s all about empowering your personal style and living it to the fullest in the way you dress, think and look. Our store brings together ambitious designers and outstanding clothing of high quality, connecting you to special pieces in an atmosphere filled with warmth, confidence and a distinctive sense of personality. It’s a place of individuality, where real women come together to enjoy real things together to feel good.
Founded in 2014 and run independently by owner Kerstin Feiertag, Sestra was built as a collection of refined pieces, loving details, fantastic materials all to fuel your personal style.
Our focus is on ready-to-wear clothing for modern women who value essential items that are unique.You know, the pieces that make you say I want THAT!” Both understatedly bold and expressively subtle, sometimes playful, always personal - all chosen to bring enjoyment with the intention of staying beautiful and relevant no matter the occasion or when you bought them. It’s the place to find the pieces that are you. We only show you things we love here, like a good sister would.
Inspired by women. Created for women. From understated to bold. Fun and serious. Powerful and feminine. Beautiful and comfortable. Never ever ordinary. Clothing you know you’ll look great in. It’s about being comfortable in whatever you wear.